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*** Quad Bike theft ***

By   February 15, 2018

Between 6-10pm on the evening of Wednesday, 14th February 2018 a Green and Yellow Quad Bike was stolen from the driveway of one of the village residents The owner notes that the bike had a flat battery so it is likely that it would have had to be pushed towards/onto a vehicle.

If anyone saw anything suspicious could they please contact the Parish Clerk on 01842 815213 or email

The theft has been reported to the Police.

The Breckland Club welcomes 2018

By   January 22, 2018

The Breckland Club  welcomed 2018 with a well attended celebration :-

So many people turned up on the night that there was some concern that the buffet would run out – it didn’t!!

Young and not so young joined in the party

There was some dancing

Some more dancing

Some drinking

A bit more dancing

A lot more dancing and quite a bit of singing as Big Ben chimed

Cheery staff we on hand to make sure the drinks kept flowing

Help! Photo mystery 1955

By   January 5, 2018

We’ve had a query submitted regarding a photograph on the website.

The photo in question is the 1955 Christmas party:

Can anyone recognise Tony Marsh, son of Dot and Joe who worked for the forestry commission. He was definitely in Santon then as he would have been 13 when this photo was taken.

The query came from his son Richard.

St Mary’s featured on Radio 4

By   January 5, 2018

We’ve just discovered that Santon Downham was featured in 2013 in a Radio 4 program about Golden Pheasants.

St Mary’s church is visited as part of the Living World series which discusses the history of Golden Pheasants in the UK

The program is available on BBC IPlayer (As this is from 2013 unlike most Iplayer programs these seem to be available forever).

St Mary’s is the first item on the show and talks about the stained glass window (see right) in the church

Horse “parade”

By   December 18, 2017

On Sunday 17th Dec the owner of LIttle Lodge Farm arranged a “stroll” down to Santon Downham.

A group of about 30 dressed up their horses, children and adults to take a stroll down to Santon Downham for mulled wine and mince pies in the Club..







The weather held off until later and the event was well attended with a reporter from the EDP turning up. (will link to their story when I find it)

Faster Broadband

By   November 13, 2017

Fibre broadband has been available since May.

We’ve been a BT customer since then and were regularly achieving download speeds of 52Mbps (52 Meg / 52Mb). Not bad for what many consider a rural not-spot.

Recently BT have upgraded our service to “Upto 77Mb”.

We were somewhat skeptical about this as we were not convinced the copper wire between us and the exchange could cope with this. (it used to behave very badly when it rained).

However since the upgrade we’ve been able to achieve over 70Mbps consistently and have managed 73Mbps on occassion.

This does require some effort as both the router and connected devices need to be configured properly and using the latest/fastest wifi modes. (We needed a new Wifi dongle ~ £10 to take advantage of it).



Coffee Mornings

By   October 3, 2017

Village Coffee Mornings are resumuing

10:30 to noon in the Village Hall

bring your own mug

Questions to Maggie on 810098


  • 7th/21st Feb
  • 7th/21st March

Defibrillator installed

By   August 24, 2017

The phone box received it’s defibrillator yesterday.

A large number of villagers also received training on how to use the defibrillator by the Community heartbeat trust.

They debunked many myths about what a cardiac arrest is and how a defibrillator works and whether or not it’s possible to do more harm than good with one of the modern AEDs (Automated external defibrillator). Alas ER, Casualty and Holby City came under fire for missrepresenting real life.

If you’re interested in their work or how a defibrillator works details can be found on their website.

The Defibrillator is locked in a bright yellow cabinet in what was the old BT phone box. If you ever need to use it the 999 operator will have access to the code to open the box.

The defibrillator itself is orange and is stored in a small carry pack which contains other essentials in case you ever need to use it.

Their is a universal sign which indicates the location of the nearest defibrillator. This should be the same arround the world!.





Defibrillator Training

By   August 19, 2017

A session has been arranged to give training on the defibrillator which is being installed in the phone box.

All village residents are invited.

Wednesday 23rd August at 7pm in the village hall.

Another session may be arranged is sufficient numbers are interested but unable to attend this session.