springgreenWelcome to the Santon Downham Village website, where you will find information on the history of the unique village as well as local news and events.

Santon Downham often features in the news thanks to it’s record-breaking weather. Dubbed the Topsy-Turvey weather capital of the UK we hold records for hottest, coldest and wetest thanks to out unique location.

Live weather data is now available from our own weather station in the village


If you’re looking for information on the Village Hall, it has its own website. The Parish Council also has a website. If you have queries about them please contact them direct.

We set up the website as a resource for people who live in or simply love the village. We started to build the site in February 2004, and it has gone through several iterations – the latest one in February 2016. You can access the old sites here Pre 2016 Archive and the earlier one from Post 22 Villages. Please be aware these pages are “as found” on the archive – some bits certainly don’t work/display as they should.

The site contains information from the 22 villages local history millennium project, sponsored by Forest Heath District Council. This project led to a book and a website. The 22 Villages site has now gone but we have republished most of Santon Downham’s content here. In February 2018 the whole of the original 22 Villages website was republished..

Please note that some of the web pages drawn from the original 22 villages site are somewhat out of date as they were written several years ago – though most relate to village history, which of course still applies.