“Ghost” Tesco bus service discovered

By   April 6, 2016

We’ve had reports of a “Ghost” Tesco bus service running through the village.

Rumour has it that it comes through the village every other week (Michael says it starts at Weeting and goes onto Brandon Tesco and then through our village and drops off at Thetford Tesco)

We’ve been told that the next bus is now on the 19th April and every other Tuesday thereafter.

We assume it stops where the normal bus stops.

We believe that it travels through around 9.30am but can be a few minutes late, so best to be there for that time.

We understand that the driver will help people on with their trolleys, take them to Tesco in Thetford and that you have between and hour and one hour fifteen minutes to shop. It leaves at 11.00 am and drops people back off.

This is a free service and I gather has been run for years but very few people know about this.

So far Tesco have been unable to answer our queries about the service or tell us who the services is operated by.

update – 08/4/16

Tesco have replied in detail. Neither the Thetford or Brandon store are aware of any free bus service, so the mystery remains. Watch this space as they say

Please let us know if you’ve used this service or of any other sightings of it!