Beware Soft Verges

By   March 22, 2016

If you walk down Hall Drive you’ll see the little triangle at the bottom. It’s a popular tourist destination in Summer (and Winter) with lots of cars coming for a quick spin around it.

Actually we think most of them are lost and are simply trying to find the river, and don’t quite make the right turn. As a consquence you’ll see lots of lost vehicles turning round and cutting the corners off the triangle. The area is quite prone to being muddy and the verges are very soft and more than the odd vehicle has got stuck.

DSC02522A large delivery truck had the misfortune to try and turn round there earlier in the year and managed to get stuck for a couple of hours.




IMG_5429They were not alone in getting lost and having problems getting out of the mud. The army managed to get lost last year and a whole convoy tried to turn round.




IMG_5437The net result was a lot of mud on the road and the grass being churned up badly.




Thanks to everyone who tidied up afterwards