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Christmas horse “parade”

By   December 13, 2017

On Sunday 17th Dec the owner of LIttle Lodge Farm is arranging a “stroll” down to Santon Downham.

A group of about 30 will be dressing up their horses, children and adults and taking a stroll down to Santon Downham for mulled wine and mince pies in the Club..

Start time is approx 11am with the aim to be at the Breckland Club for 12:00pm

Come along to see the horses or just for a lunch time drink in the Club. (New members welcome/encouraged)



Faster Broadband

By   November 13, 2017

Fibre broadband has been available since May.

We’ve been a BT customer since then and were regularly achieving download speeds of 52Mbps (52 Meg / 52Mb). Not bad for what many consider a rural not-spot.

Recently BT have upgraded our service to “Upto 77Mb”.

We were somewhat skeptical about this as we were not convinced the copper wire between us and the exchange could cope with this. (it used to behave very badly when it rained).

However since the upgrade we’ve been able to achieve over 70Mbps consistently and have managed 73Mbps on occassion.

This does require some effort as both the router and connected devices need to be configured properly and using the latest/fastest wifi modes. (We needed a new Wifi dongle ~ £10 to take advantage of it).



Coffee Mornings

By   October 3, 2017

Village Coffee Mornings are resumuing

10:30 to noon in the Village Hall

bring your own mug

Questions to Maggie on 810098


  • 7th/21st Feb
  • 7th/21st March

Defibrillator installed

By   August 24, 2017

The phone box received it’s defibrillator yesterday.

A large number of villagers also received training on how to use the defibrillator by the Community heartbeat trust.

They debunked many myths about what a cardiac arrest is and how a defibrillator works and whether or not it’s possible to do more harm than good with one of the modern AEDs (Automated external defibrillator). Alas ER, Casualty and Holby City came under fire for missrepresenting real life.

If you’re interested in their work or how a defibrillator works details can be found on their website.

The Defibrillator is locked in a bright yellow cabinet in what was the old BT phone box. If you ever need to use it the 999 operator will have access to the code to open the box.

The defibrillator itself is orange and is stored in a small carry pack which contains other essentials in case you ever need to use it.

Their is a universal sign which indicates the location of the nearest defibrillator. This should be the same arround the world!.





Defibrillator Training

By   August 19, 2017

A session has been arranged to give training on the defibrillator which is being installed in the phone box.

All village residents are invited.

Wednesday 23rd August at 7pm in the village hall.

Another session may be arranged is sufficient numbers are interested but unable to attend this session.

Visitor Map added

By   July 27, 2017

The old visitor map (was on the old website) has been added back to the home page.

The map shows where in the world the site gets visitors from. (This shows the visitors for the last 12 months).


Speedy response

By   July 17, 2017

We often hear of Utility companies being slow to respond and having terrible customer service.

My recent experiences with Anglian Water are otherwise.

The manole cover in the middle of the little green was in bad shape (all the cement was failing) and I reported it to Anglian Water on the Tuesday afternoon.(I sent them a photo)

By Friday lunchtime it had been replaced.

Roadworks 24th/25th July

By   July 17, 2017

Weather permitting roadworks will be taking place in the Village on the 24th/25th of July

This involves road repairs and road sweeping.

The affected areas are Marks Lane and/or near the Little village green.



Elbow play Thetford Forest

By   June 30, 2017

Elbow took to the stage at High Lodge last night on the opening night of Forest Live 2017. The event was well reviewed both in the EDP and EADT

As reported in the press the weather was less than perfect being both cold and grey and causing a proliferation of blankets and fleeces rather than the expected shorts and T-shirts. Fortunately the rain held off with only a few alarming spots.

The grey evenning turned clear in time for the final song and encore which helped end the event on a high note.

Technically the concert took place in Santon Downham according to the Post Office address finder

High Lodge Forest Centre
Thetford Road
Santon Downham
IP27 0AF

However the tour T-shirts on sale only listed it as Thetford Forrest , Brandon.


Event site Eventful did however offer tickets for Elbow in Santon Downham!!!