Waxwings draw visitors to Santon Downham

By   November 11, 2016

Waxwings (approx 30) have been spotted near the railway line.

This has drawn a number of birdwatchers to the area – who pointed us in the right direction.

Apologies for the photo. We arrived rather late in the day when the light was going. Better luck next time



Fibre broadband work underway

By   November 2, 2016

You might have noticed the BT contractors working at the entrance to the village recently.

internetThey are installing the fibre to cabinet (The BT cabinet  is on the corner there) for superfast broadband.

Chatting to them suggests that the rest of the cabling will be completed by the end of the month!!!

It really is happening!

Riverbank construction work

By   October 16, 2016

Work is currently being carried out on the path between Santon Downham and Brandon on the Norfolk side of the river.

The aim is to improve access. Looking at the gabions being installed it looks like they’re replacing the steps with a ramp.

The work is scheduled to take 6 months, so it looks like the whole length of the path is being done.




Wot a lot of rain

By   September 17, 2016

Just in case you wondered how much it rained yesterday morning the answer is 35mm in an hour!!!

New Website for the Parish Council

By   June 30, 2016

SantoSDPCn Downham Parish Council now has it’s own website.

Here you can find details of forthcoming Council meetings (including agenda), meeting minutes and other council related documents.(annual accounts etc)

This means that Santon Downham now has three websites :-

Santon Downham.org – this one!!

SantonDownhamCentre.co.uk – The Village Hall/Santon Downham Centre

SantonDownhamPC.org.uk – The Parish Council



Fast Broadband is on its way

By   May 31, 2016

Things are certainly moving on.

Updates as of 31st of May.

We’re installing the new fibre cabinet and laying the fibre cables to serve your home or business. You can’t order a fibre service today but typically it’ll be available to your premises within the next five months.
If you’d like to know when you can order fibre, register your details.
Find out more about the fibre journey.

Broadband Update

By   May 24, 2016

internetSuperfast broadband may not be as far away as we think.

Today I went to the BT broadband checkerand got the following results.:-

Enabled Area

You are connected to cabinet number 12 on the Brandon exchange.

Your area is enabled for Fibre but your cabinet is not ready yet so you can’t place an order today. It is in our plans to be upgraded and we update this info weekly, so please check back later. (check here)

Looking at the details of our fibre “journey”

You’re scheduled to be upgraded and we’re surveying your area to make sure our initial fibre plans will work in your community. You can’t order a fibre service today but typically it’ll be available to your premises within the next nine months.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that even if/when the cabinet is upgraded we may still be two far away from it and not actually benifit from it as the BT solution is only fibre to the cabinet with the last bit still being good old copper wire!!!.