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Welcome to Exning

Lakenheath Beck Row Mildenhall Holywell Row Eriswell Santon Downham Brandon Elveden Icklingham Freckenham Worlington Red Lodge Barton Mills Herringswell Tuddenham Cavenham Higham Kentford Exning Newmarket Moulton Dalham Gazeley Wangford West RowHover over to see village name then click to visitExning is situated along side the A14 at the Gateway to East Anglia Originally inhabited by the Iceni-a Celtic Tribe-who had their headquarters here. In Roman times the village was mainly situated to the south-west of the church (Lacey's Lane,A14 area). A large Roman Villa once stood along the 'Moor Road', (between Burwell Road and North End), and the river (does it have an official name?) has its source at St Wendreds Well, of which it was said 'never dries up'. In recent times, however, the river has been known to 'dry up' and water is now pumped regularly to maintain the flow. 

 Exning's War Memorial & Prayer  Mon 18/12/00



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