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Half penny stamp used on an exning postcard in 1908Postcard from Exning

Many photographs of Exning in the early part of last century still survive thanks to the humble postcard. Many photographs were produced commercially and then sold as postcards.


Bottom of Burwell Road Bottom of Burwell Road, looking much the same as today, except for steam engine coming round the top corner.
bottom of Burwell Road, note wide pathway on right hand side. Card dated 1908 bottom of Burwell Road, note wide pathway on right hand side. Card dated 1908
chapelst.jpg (101091 bytes) Chapel Street showing the Post Office with Mr. Harvey the Postmaster at the door. The shop on the left was the Co-op. About 1948. 
churchst.jpg (78194 bytes) Church Street. The white building on the left was originally stables, Then a garage and now West's car sales. Card dated 1911. 
churchst2.jpg (127783 bytes) Church Street again, the trees in the Church Yard were cut down in the early 1950's Card dated 1935.
exninghouse_grounds.jpg (89915 bytes) One of a pair of wrought iron gates leading into Glanely Rest from Windmill Hill, opposite entrance to May's Garden Center.
exninghouse2.jpg (77209 bytes) The front of Glanely Rest, last used as an old peoples home, now standing empty. 
fire_exninghouse1909.jpg (106950 bytes) After a fire at Exning House APRIL 11 1909. 
exningstream.jpg (130354 bytes) The "Bent Tree", in the river in Ducks Lane, at the turn of the century, a well known local novelty. 
stream.jpg (146926 bytes) Exning Stream, the wall on the right arounr Harraton Lodge is still the same today. 
stream_oldbenttree.jpg (116425 bytes) The Bent Tree again. Card 
river.jpg (88938 bytes) Exning River, card date stamped 31 August 1910. 
highst.jpg (75369 bytes) 'High Street', now Oxford Street. School is behind house in left foreground. 
glanelyrest.jpg (80454 bytes) Rear view of Exning House. 
laceylane.jpg (60484 bytes) Looking down Lacey's Lane. 
millhill.jpg (76066 bytes) Windmill Hill. Flint barn still standing. Note large gates to Exning House in wall on left. 
oxfordst.jpg (59419 bytes) Oxford Street1915, before King George Avenue was built 
oxfordst2.jpg (60505 bytes) Post Office, next to Social Club with Miss Dalzells drapery shop on the left.
oxfordst3.jpg (84002 bytes) Oxford Street,1923,Cycle Shop now Spar Shop.
oxfordst405.jpg (62149 bytes) Oxford Street, 1921, Layng & Co., Wines and Spirits Wholesaler, High Street, Newmarket. Two-horse dray.
swanlane.jpg (87230 bytes) White Horse Inn and Swan Lane, Card dated 9.9.1908. Selling Royston Ales and Stout. Licensee William Gale
trainbridge.jpg (87669 bytes) Exning Halt - between Exning and Burwell. Guard supplied stepladder for passengers to enter/depart train.
watermill.jpg (97801 bytes) The Water Mill, Card dated 25.04.1909.
Compiled by Richard Bye 04/2000

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