Drinking cup dating from this period found in Tuddenham,
Village, Mill, Church & Fishery
ad1500 1637 Old Hall built, Netherhall 1711 The Wotton family were prominent in the village during the 1600's when they were listed as patrons and incumbents. The charity, which originally left 6 per annum to be paid to the poor of the parish on Christmas day, has been amalgamated with another to form The Tuddenham Parish Trust and still provides an income today. 1711 Jane Wotton's charity formed
now in British Museum ad400 mentioned in Domesday Book ad1800 1906 Football club in operation 1962 New School built ad1960 1991 Village signs erected 1996 Anchor Court terrace constructed
1714 John Hervey, son of Sir Thomas, 1940 Bombs fell on village Heath sold to Nature Conservancy Council Wing On Pang installed as last resident vicar Old Forge Gift Shop opened
created 1st Earl of Bristol 1911 Two bore pumbps installed
ad1000 1381 Prior John De Cambridge murdered at Temple Bridge 1693 Rev. James Davies inducted to parish 1941 Women's Institute formed 1992 Icknield Way path restored 1997 Post Office & Mill Restaurant closed
1558 The first recorded entry states: Thomas Hargrey son of Thomas Hargrey was baptised on the 20th day of March. There are some gaps in the records, e.g. those from 1642 - 1660 have not survived. 1558 Church Registers preserved from  1826 Mill extended 1912 Trout Fishery business 1963 R.A.F. base abandoned 1982 Rectory auctioned Bright Brothers building co. closed ad1996
1723 School founded 1943 R.A.F base opened 90th Bomber Squadron donated memorial Crown demolished
1831 Sunday School established 1930 Old Anchor closed 1972 Mill, house and garden plots sold
Bronze Age artefacts Charter granted ad1100 ad1300 1480 Guild of St. Anne and Guild of Holy Trinity 1695 Banstead incorporated with Netherhall ad1900 1948 Bright Brothers building co. started ad1960 1993 Neighbourhood watch schemes start
1727 John Cockerton died 1832 Badgecroft & Netherhall amalgamated Re-cycling bins put in White Hart yard 1998 Street lighting upgraded
ad1700 1843 Baptist chapel built 1952 Bakery closed 1983 Nature Reserve notified an SSSI Mill Restaurant and Country Inn opened
1952 New Methodist chapel opened 1994 Nature Trail opened on Heath Post Office re-opens In Old Forge Gift Shop
Anglo Saxon remains (bone gaming pieces) 1236 Manors of Tuddenham with ad1400 ad1600 1846 School house re-built 1933 First Council houses built ad1940 1972 3 tier education system introduced ad1990
Badgecroft & Netherhall granted 15?? Lane Cottage said to have been built New houses built around Green 1999 Pilot for the 22villages Heritage project
1728 1st Cockerton School opens 1854 Rectory House re-built 1935 Village seats (George V Jubillee) 1986 Church Bells cease to ring (unsafe)
1973 Mill converted to Restaurant
1749 Rev. Jame Davies dies 1863 Village inc. in Mildenhall Highway Div. 1937 Mains Electricity 1954 Milling ceased Recreation Ground aquired 1995 Childrens Play Area on Rec. opened
1490 Guild of Our Lady & St John the Baptist 1868 Cricket team in operation 1955 Village Hall built 1987 Bakers Way developed Runner-up in Village of the year competition
1775 Present Mill built 1876 Church restored, Methodist Soc formed 1939 Secondary Education system introduced 1975 Old Folks bungalows built in Old Coal Yard 1st Village Guide published
1882 Disused baptist chapel bought 1956 Lord Bristol's Estate holdings sold Friends of St Mary charity set up
1790 Old Bakery built 1895 Lark Navigation & Transport Co. open 1977 Village Sign Donated, Bowls Club formed
1796 Enclosure Awards, Church allotment charity set up 1957 Sunshine Club (over 60s) formed 1989 Village hall extended