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Excerpt from Doomsday Book
At Totenham (Tuddenham) the said predecessor of Richard [held] 1 carucates of land and 9 villeins. Then as now 2 ploughs. And 1 acres of meadow. And [this] renders 50s.
In Todenham (Tuddenham) Leurie a freeman under Earl Algar held 1 carucates of land. Then as now 2 villeins, and 2 bordars, and 2 serfs. Then as now 1 plough on the demesne. And half a plough belonging to the men. 1 acres of meadow. 1 mill. Now 6 swine. Then 160 sheep, now 80 sheep. Then is was worth 40s, now 60s. The soke and sac are St. Edmund's. 
Excerpt from 1086 
[At] Todenham (Tuddenham) Canut a free man under Earl Algar held as a manor 3 carucates of land. Then 6 villeins, afterwards 4, now 6. And then 4 serfs, now 1. Then 3 ploughs on the demesne, afterwards half a plough, now 2 ploughs. And 1 ploughs belonging to the men. And 3 acres of meadow. And 1 mill. There was 1 fishery, but now there is none. A church with 30 acres. Now 10 horses at the hall and now 40 swine, and 11 beasts. Then 200 sheep, now 60. Then and afterwards is was worth 4li., now 100s. And it is 1 league, and six furlongs broad. And in gold [pays] 20d. 


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