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The present church dates back to the 14th Century. In 1775 the bells were re-cast at Whitechapel, 'new hung' and guaranteed for seven years, including ropes. The cost was 10. Yearly on the 5th November the bells were 'fired' (rung) to celebrate the failure of the Gunpowder Plot. The 'gleaning' bell was rung at harvest time to signify that gleaners could enter the fields and the 'passing' bell when someone died. The bells, still in fair condition, are not rung, apart from one which announces Church Services, but sadly the full peal no longer rings out over the countryside. In 1887 the first heating system was installed in the Church at a cost of 130. Before, the worshippers stoically endured the cold.

Many old graves in the churchyard contain the remains of victims of tuberculosis, before this scourge was eliminated by better living conditions and modern science.

The ancient Parish of Gazeley enjoys three charities, 

  1. Poor Fuel Allotment (1839)
  2. Rev: Burroughs Blanket Charity (1883)
  3. Warren's (1683) and Pitt's (1641) dole to distribute one cade of herrings to the poor in the first week of Lent The charities are now grouped under the Gazeley United Charities.

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