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Welcome to Brandon

Lakenheath Beck Row Mildenhall Holywell Row Eriswell Santon Downham Brandon Elveden Icklingham Freckenham Worlington Red Lodge Barton Mills Herringswell Tuddenham Cavenham Higham Kentford Exning Newmarket Moulton Dalham Gazeley Wangford West RowHover over to see village name then click to visitThe approach to the Brandon of today would be unrecognisable to a Brandonian of the eighteenth century. Whereas today it is approached from all sides through dense coniferous forests, until the beginning of the eighteenth century the approach was across bare sandy warrens. 

The town grew to importance as the lowest point at which the Little Ouse River could be crossed all year round. Travellers around the eastern edge of the Fens journeying to and from Northwest Norfolk crossed the river at Brandon by ferry or bridge. The modem traveller is likely to see only the High Street, although those from the west might notice signs to Town Street and the church. Until the enclosure award of 1810, and the subsequent filling of the gap between them, there were distinct settlements at Town Street and the High Street. Both are clearly shown on old maps; until recently High Street was known as Ferry Street, Paradoxically, the modem bridge across the river is at the old Ferry Street. A bridge at this site has existed since about 1600, but this is not the site of the original bridge at Brandon.

John Basham 2000

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