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Royal Manor 

While Ely held the manor of Brandon with the crossing at Town Street, and Thetford manor owned the rights to the ferry at the other end of the parish, there was bound to be some rivalry for customers between the two crossings. However, Queen Elizabeth I took the manor of Brandon from the bishopric of Ely and inherited the manor of Thetford through the Duchy of Lancaster. Until that date, Town Street and its crossing was probably dominant, but, with both crossings in the hands of the same person, the cause of the rivalry was removed and the Ferry Street came out on top. Town street continued as an agricultural community, while the Ferry Street became the business and trading end of the parish, making its living from travellers passing through the town and from trade on the warehouses at the riverside.
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John Basham 2000
ref. Coppinger, The Manor of Suffolk, 1909, East Suffolk Records Office

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