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The Great Sandstorm 

Between 1665 and 1670, a great sandstorm raged across Brandon, Thetford, Wangford and Santon Downham, blocking the river in several places so that it was no longer possible to navigate up to Thetford. An Act of Parliament passed in 1670 for making the Brandon river/Little Ouse and Waveney navigable resulted in the construction of a new bridge on dry land, south of the Raw Inn. After construction of the bridge the river was diverted to flow under it. This stone bridge stood until the 1950's, Construction appears to have taken place some ten years after the passing of the Act because the Corporation of Thetford was unable to finance the undertaking, which was eventually paid for by the Earl of Arlington, who lived at Euston Hall. His daughter gave the navigation rights to Thetford.
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