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The Mills
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Tuddenham has some interesting buildings and a wide variety of material has been used in construction throughout the village. This ranges from the rubble, stone and clunch of the church, parts of which date from the 13th century, to the wattle and daub and timber of the Tudors, on to the flints of the 1800's and the bricks and modern materials of today. Although there are no thatched properties left here now old photos show that these were once quite numerous. Some have been demolished while others have been renovated almost beyond recognition with slate or tiles on the roof. There are approximately 160 dwellings in the village at present ranging from cottages and council houses to detached homes and manor houses These include six listed buildings which are The Mill House, The Mill, The Church, Netherhall, Hall Farm and 20 The Street.

Records show that in Tuddenham the numbers of inhabited houses were 

1674     23 
1801     54 
1851     93 
1871     90 
1901     71 
1951     109 
1981     138 
1991     150

Currently we have researched and published information on the Tuddenham Mills.


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