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Interior early 20th. century, before electric lights c ? The church has a prominent place in our history and 1852 saw the arrival of Ezekiel Sparke who instigated and partly funded the massive church alterations of 1876 when the whole building was re-roofed. Although highly praised at the time it was described more recently by Norman Scarfe in his book 'Suffolk a Shell Guide' as "An almost fatal attack of Victorian Restoration”

South view of St. Mary's church parts of which date from the 14th. century, massive restoration in 1876. c P Burt 1999In 1817 CJ Bloomfield was rector and after becoming Bishop of Chester in 1824 he eventually went on to become Bishop of  'The greatest city in the Empire', i.e. London itself. Our last resident vicar was Rev. Wing On Pang a Chinese, when he left the vicarage was sold and we now share a cleric with other parishes.

North/west view of St. Marys c P Burt 1999 church_old.jpg (106980 bytes)


Old Baptist chapel, bought by W. Spooner in 1882 for Methodists, used until 1940 when damaged by enemy action. Chapel article after p 5 (1952) c ? Methodist chapel opened 1952 and replaced the old flint one demolished after bomb damage in 1940. c E.Murfitt 1998

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