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  1. Thomas & Elizabeth Guise, 1849 to ? 
  2. Miss Sherwood 
  3. Miss Fields 
  4. Miss Black ? to 1909 
  5. Mrs Parr 1909 to ? Trainee teacher Miss Wiggington 
  6. Mr & Mrs Mills & daughter 
  7. Miss Erringtons (2) sisters 
  8. Miss Larter 
  9. Miss Palmer 
  10. Miss Poulter 
  11. Mrs Finchley 
  12. Mrs Brown
  13. Mr Blakey

Trainee teachers up to 1909 were: Miss Newall, Lait, Grimble, Long, Kerry, Rudland. The last school secretary was Marjorie Wilson.

2000 John Gunson, Village Recorder

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