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The New School

Built in 1858/9 by W J Baker Ltd, from Thurston, on land owned by the Church.

Opened on the 3rd June 1959, by Mr D S Eastman JP, Chairman of West Suffolk Education Committee and dedicated by the Reverend S H Cartwright MA, Rector of Moulton.

The School Managers, at the opening of the new school were, Messers V S Daniells, C E Poultor, C F Tweed, J S MacGregor, E F Saltmarsh and E W Plume, with the Rector as Chairman.

Head Teachers

Mrs D Brown 1959 to 1965 
Mr D C Long 1965 to 1968 
Mr J E Knock 1968 to 1969 
Mr R G Cole 1969 to 1975 
Mr D Jaggard 1976 to 1985 
Mr D Hattersley 1985 to 1990 
Mr J Englebright 1991 to

Class Teachers

Mr D E Ebbatson 1959 to 1961 
Mrs A Crowfoot 1959 to 1974 
Mrs I M Evans 1962 
Mrs R W Wainwright 1962 to 1964 
Mr P G Richmond 1964 to 1965 
Mrs C J Kershaw 1965 to 1966 
Miss R R Hutton 1966 to 1968 
Mr R G Ford 1969 
Mrs P J Bowen 1969 
Mr A Dunn 1969 to 1971 
Mrs E Hough 1971 to 1972 
Miss J Denman 1971 to 1973 
Mrs J W McDonald 1973 
Mrs A W Adams 1973 to 1976 
Mrs S M Machej 1975 to 1976 
Mrs A Stockdale 1976 to 1977 
Mr B Jones 1976 to 1978 
Miss J Slee 1977 to 1980 
Mr J Gibson 1978 to 1980
Mrs B C Richardson 1980 to 1998 
Mrs J Andrews 1981 
Mrs M Wright 1986 to 1987 
Mrs J Hager 1987 to 1989 
Mrs C M Turner 1987 
Mrs R J Scales 1992

School Secretaries:

Mrs Marjorie Wilson 1959 to 1987 
Mrs Chris Longdon 1987 to 1998 
Mrs Sandy Cater 1998

Not including part time relief teachers and classroom helpers.


A Forest Heath District Council (Suffolk) Project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the Millennium Festival 2000 Designed by ArtAtac