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Old Village Names At The Time Of The Inclosures Act

Old Village Names

The map, showing the village at the time of the Enclosures Act, is full of old names of fields and dwellings, some of these names are:- 

Brookfurlong Channels Hare Park Stonehill Buryway Field Crab Close Highwood Close Spitalfield Bymers Cobbs Slough Hollowfield Severals Heath Burnt Yard Love Lane Lammas Meadow Saintfoin Close Brick Kiln Close Downfield Market Field Wood lane Copper Close Foxboroughs Maltings Close Woodcroft Copy Yard Foxhole Hill Pepperage Close Walkers Croft Cock Meadow Goose Meadow Pondpiece Sougspit Cow Close Gammer Pins Swine Hill Stoney Field Long Ropes The Thrift

Bymers and Goose Meadow are down the Bury Lane, Channels is the field against the allotments by the brook. the Thrift, was about halfway between Moulton and Newmarket, towards the Cheveley Road. Burnt Yard is the field alongside Folly Hill Road. Pepperage is the corner field, on the Kennett and Chippenham Road. Market Field may have been where a market was originally held, as John Agnerus had a grant for a market here, in the 26th year of the reign of King Edward the First in 1298. There are several old names, on the footpath towards Dalham, the pond on the right at the start of the footpath was called the Wading Pit, and 100 metres further on, on the right is 'Foxborough' , as you leave the trees 'Dalham Allotments' are on the right, the smaller field on the left was called Stoney Field. Just before you get to the 'Oaks' there was a small field on the left of about 6 acres, this was called 'Sougspit'.


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