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Mortlock, Edmund Davy

Revd MortlockSon of John: born in Cambridge, School : Bury under Mich. Becher. Admitted pensioner under Messrs Hopkins and Browne 12th of Oct 1803. Age 17. B.A. (14th wrangler) 1803; M.A. 1811; B.D. 1840; Admitted scholar 1804; Licensed to Pampisford 1810 Dec; and ordained priest, Ely, 1811 Sept. Elected Fellow (Finch and Baines), succeeding J. Kaye, 5th of June 1811; Lady Marg't., succeeding W. Spry, 28th of Oct 1812. Praelector, Junior Dean and Catechist, and Steward 1812. Resided until 1814: then, or a little later, became tutor to the Hon. Dudley Coutts Stuart, son of the Marquis of Bute, who was admitted here 1820 when Mortlock also returned. Mildmay Preacher 1820-2.

He held no other office: and signs rarely at meetings - never (I think) between Oct 1826 and 1832 when he reappears and again signs occasionally. On 30th of Jan 1835 he became vicar of Great Abington. In 1835 he gave 50 to the University Library Fund. In 1839 he was Steward- a post which implies residence: but that would not interfere with his parish duties: from that date he signs regularly. Senior Dean 1840,1843. Scrutator 1845. For his opposition to all change in the statutes and government of the College see under John Graham p.369. Presented to Moulton on the death of Mr Greenall 22nd of Oct, 1845: five College Orders on the same day, with five sets of (varying) matters connected with farm-buildings, Messrs Hildyard and Bates declining to sign the third and fifth.

On 27th of Nov 1846 his Fellowship was declared vacant. He was 59 when he took Moulton, but he had 28 years of work still before him. He did much for the village, building a school and rebuilding the rectory house, and laying out he garden with great skill.

He died at Moulton 30th of May 1873, aged 86. He was a man of high principle and character and respected even by his opponents in College.

Christ's College Cambridge Biographical Register Vol.II John Peile

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