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School Postscript

A few years after 1883 the Goward and Evans Charity, (the two charities having been amalgamated), used its income to provide the twenty pupils with the best attendance record with a free pair of boots. This was a very welcome prize for most families at the time. Board Schools were abolished in 1902 - all State schools then coming under the local Education Authority. School Leaving Age: 1880 - compulsory schooling for all children aged 5-10 years. 1918 - school leaving age raised to 14. 1944 - school leaving age raised to 15. 1973 - school leaving age raised to 16. 


General Certificate of Education (GCE) introduced in 1951. Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) introduced in 1965. The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) superceded the GCE and CSE in 1987. In 1976 all State schools were required to become 'Comprehensive'; in 1988 a 'National Curriculum' was introduced and in 1998 compulsory daily hours of literacy and mathematics were introduced into primary schools. There has been a considerable change in the education of Lakenheath's children since Lakenheath's school was born over a century ago! 

R.A.Silverlock. Feb. 2000.
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