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A Bibliography of Lakenheath


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Articles by R.A.SilverlockUnpublished. Copies in Lakenheath Library, Mildenhall Museum & Bury Record Office. Abridged versions of some published in 'Lakenheath Life' - see separate list.

Mills & Pumps in Lakenheath 
Holes in the Ground 
Crosswater Staunch 
Crime & Punishment in Mid C19 Lakenheath 
Asparagus, Chicory & Poplars 
Lakenheath Fen 
Chicory at Lakenheath 
Occupations in Lakenheath 
Military Operations on Lakenheath Warren 
A Lakenheath Craftsman (Mr.A.Barker) 
Lakenheath - 1965 
Chapels in Lakenheath 
The Women's Land Army in Lakenheath in WW.II and After. 
Danger From the Sky 
Personalities * 
Some Lakenheath Organisations * 
Lakenheath's Nature Reserves 
Vanished Lakenheath 
Riot & Murder in Lakenheath 
Lakenheath & Brandon Drainage Acts 
Sedge Fen 
Sedge Fen School, Lakenheath 
Notes on Some Lakenheath Public Houses 
R.A.F. Lakenheath 
Lakenheath Miscellany 
Lakenheath Home Guard * 
Lakenheath Village Trail 
Lakenheath News in Newspapers 1782-1822 
The Birth of A Country School 
A Bibliography of Lakenheath

* = Unfinished. 


Many of the books, etc. listed are out-of-print but copies should be available through the library or for reference in the Suffolk Record Office, Bury St.Edmunds. Other books, particularly 'guide books, on East Anglia or Suffolk may mention Lakenheath briefly - usually in a couple of lines on the church, Kitchener or the air base. They all say virtually the same and so have not been listed.  

R.A.Silverlock. Feb. 2000.

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