1880 School
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1880 School

By the beginning of March Scarlet Fever had hit the village. Lessons were taken by the teachers at 7.30 a.m. instead of 8.00 a.m. Nothing of particular note happened until June when a boy had his head severely cut 'by the carelessness of a teacher'. Apparently she had put slates on a window ledge which fell on the boy. The school was examined this month by H.M.Inspector. Attendance was 111 and 75 were presented and all qualified. Two half-day holidays were given. At the end of the month there was the usual 'Annual Fair' and attendance went down to an average of 42. The Mistress gave notice of her intention to leave on 29th. September.

Whooping Cough hit the village in July. Albert Flack was severely punished for disobedience and insolence and a holiday was given at the end of the month for the 'Tea Meeting' at the Sunday School. The school closed for the 6 weeks 'Harvest Holiday' on 13th.September and the Mistress, M.B.Liddle, resigned her charge.

The school was reopened on 27th.September by the new Mistress, Rose H.Stratford. She recorded that Emma Rolph was 'painstaking and energetic' and Naomi Rolph 'a very fair teacher for so young a girl'. By the end of October the Mistress was complaining of the children's irregular attendance - 'the slightest excuse being deemed sufficient to keep them at home'. In November a mother made a complaint against H.Rolph. We are left in the dark regarding details or the outcome. At this time many thought there was nothing more important than sewing and knitting for girls and visitors to Lakenheath School were surprised that girls so young could be taught to knit so nicely.

The Inspector's Report for 1879/80 recorded that the Infants School was making creditable progress. However there were a good many children of 6 years of age in the 2nd., 3rd. and 4th. Classes who need special attention. The grant for the coming year was 62.10s.

R.A.Silverlock. Feb. 2000.
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