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Details of Those Killed During the First World War

JAMES BASSETT 14842 - Private James Bassett, 2nd Batt Suffolk Regt. Volunteered, enlisted Sept 1914, killed in France on 26th Sept 1917, aged about 20, lived at No 5 Brookside, worked as a road repairer.

ROBERT CHARLES BRAGG 13286 - Private Robert Charles Bragg. 9th Suffolk's. Volunteered, enlisted 10th Sept 1914, wounded, recovered, then killed in France on 10 April 1917, aged about 25, lived in the Thatched cottages attached to Shepherd and Dog Inn (now demolished), worked at Moulton Paddocks.

GEORGE CLARKE 202498 - Private George Clark 2/4 Royal Berkshire Regt. Volunteered, enlisted 19 Jan 1915, killed in action in France on 22 August 1917, aged about 20. Taken from an orphanage by Charlie Jennings (Bridge Farm) worked for Charlie Jennings in his pork butchery business, lived at Bridge Farm.

Sapper Walter Clarke 102nd Coy Royal EngineersWALTER CLARKE 63733 - Sapper Walter Clarke 102nd Coy Royal Engineers. Volunteered, enlisted Jan 1915, Went to France August 1915, killed in action 25 May 1917 at Ypres, aged about 30, buried in cemetery at Vlamentinghe. Worked as a carpenter for Williams builders (now Collins) Kennett, married the day before joining up. Family originally came from the Mildenhall/West Row area. Walter's father Abraham Clarke ran a building business from Chippenham Road, he had a brother Russell and a sister Faith.

THOMAS FITCH 11357 - Thomas George Fitch. 9th Suffolk Regt. Volunteered. Lance Corporal Military Foot police. Enlisted 11 Sept 1914, served in India & France. Wounded in France 1916. Died in Mesopotamia 6 Feb 1918, aged about 20, lived in Newmarket Road, worked at Moulton Paddocks

LANCELOT LANGLEY 338401. Lancelot J. Langley. Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery. Volunteered. Enlisted 6th November 1916. Killed in action 30th Sept 1918 at Haynecourt, Nr. Cambrai, aged about 30, buried in the Military Cemetery, Haynecourt. Ran small butchers shop at what is now Hempstead Lodge (The cross roads). Married but no children, had relations in Ashley.

William MiddleditchWilliam MiddleditchWILLIAM MIDDLEDITCH 13218 William R Middleditch. Private B Coy. 9th Batt Suffolk Regt. Enlisted at Newmarket 9 Sept 1914. Volunteered. Served in France from 31st August 1915 to Sept 1916. Wounded at Ginchy. Returned to France 13 Dec 1916, sent to the 7th Suffolk's. Killed at Mouchy on 9th Aug 1917, aged about 24. Lived with his aunt, Mrs Susan Taylor at No.2 The Green.


Harry Plummer, Private, Canadian Army Killed in France > Simply click to enlarge... then use the [Back] button to returnHARRY PLUMMER 151883, Harry (Henry) Plummer. Private 69th verseas Batt. Enlisted 5th August 1915. Volunteered. Served in France. Killed 8th October 1916, aged about 23, brother of Errnest Plummer, worked for father who was carrier and coal merchant, lived and worked at No 5 Brookside. Emigrated to Canada when he was about 16. Enlisted in Canadian army.



Ernest Plummer, Private, Royal West Surrey Regt. Killed in France > Simply click to enlarge... then use the [Back] button to returnERNEST PLUMMER 60081 Ernest V Plummer. Private 3/4 Batt Royal West Surrey Regt. Enlisted 6th May 1917, died of wounds on 8th Nov 1918, aged about 18, brother to Harry Plummer, lived at No 5 Brookside, worked at Moulton Paddocks.



GEORGE PLUMMER 22014, George Plummer. Private South Wales Borders Volunteered. Enlisted 15th Jan 1915, killed in action. Served in France, aged about 20, lived at the flint cottages, Newmarket Rd, Worked at Moulton Paddocks, cousin to Harry and Ernest Plummer.

WALTER PAYNE 8262 Walter Alfred Payne. Rifleman 2/9 London Queen Victoria's Rifles. Volunteered, enlisted 1914, rejected, enlisted again 14th Nov 1916, accepted. killed in action on 1st March 1917, a month before the Battle of Arras, aged 27. Buried in plot 2 row E grave 5, Le Fermont Military Cemetery, Riviere France (8.5 Km from Arras).

ALFRED PEACOCK 32943 Alfred Peacock. Private. 2/4 Royal West Surrey Regt. Enlisted 8th March 1916. Served in France and Palestine. Killed 27th Dec 1917, aged about 25, lived at No.1 Brookside.

WILLIAM PLUMB 906465 William Plumb. Gunner, Royal Field Artillery. Volunteered. Enlisted 12th Dec 1915, served in England and France, Wounded in March 1918, returned to France in July 1918, killed on 7th November 1918 at Lebour-quiaux, France, aged about 25, worked as a horseman for Mr Deeks of Trinity Hall farm, lived at No.2 Bridge Street. He was not married, he had three brothers, Joe, Frank and Octavious.

PERCY POOLEY 14082 Percy Pooley. Private, 3rd Middlesex Regt. Volunteered, enlisted 13th May 1912. Served in India and France. Killed in action on 15th Feb 1915, aged 27. Son of Baker Jessie Pooley who lived next to the bakery at No 15 Bridge Street, one of a family of six children.

FRED PRIGG 14109 Fred Prigg. Private, 8th Suffolk Regt. Volunteered. Enlisted on 3rd Sept 1914. Served in France and Belgium, wounded on 1st July 1916, killed in action on 17th November 1917, worked for Mr Camps who owned Moulton Manor Farm, lived on Dalham Road.

Guy Robins 12575 Sergeant G Robins, the 7th Battalion, The Suffolk Regiment taken just before the start of the warGUY ROBINS 12575 Guy Robins. Sergeant, 7th Suffolk Regt. Enlisted 31st Aug 1914, served in France, wounded by artillery when marching to the front, on 8th June 1915, died on 22nd June 1915, worked on his fathers farm (French Hall). On June the 16th 1915, 'B' Company was detached for a tour of duty in the trenches, changing places with the Guy Robins this wooden cross was erected as a temporary marker for his grave 9th Essex Regt, every 6 days in the line at Ploegsteert. On the 22nd the Company suffered its first casualty, when Sgt G Robins was mortally wounded on the way to the trenches. The Battalion was somewhere between the 12th Div concentration area at Nieppe and the trenches at Ploegsteert, he was 22 years old. Guy served with his brother, Richard, who survived the war. Before the war both brothers worked at French Hall Farm, which was owned by their father.

ARTHUR ROWE Driver, Royal Horse Artillery, aged about 20 when killed. Lived at the Crooked Cottage (Little Green), had a sister, Nellie. Worked for farmer Tommy Camps.

George RussellGEORGE RUSSELL 240069. George Russell. Private, 11th Suffolk Regt. Reservist, enlisted on 4 August 1914, Served in France , returned to England with trench fever, then sent back to France, where he served in the Medical Corps, killed when recovering wounded in April 1918, aged 35, Married local girl Agnes Moss, on 27th February 1911, moved to Newmarket. The family moved back to Moulton when war started to live at the thatched cottage, No 20 the Street.


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