Trinity Hall
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Trinity Hall in Moulton


Information from "Warren Book by A.W.W.Dale 1911". (an account of Trinity Hall compiled by William Warren, 1683-1744, Vice Master 1723 and Bursar with later continuations).

P336 Dedartio Status Collegii 1546 viii

Terr: / Valt in / Reddit & Firm ibm \ £viii vocet \ \P annu / Adams in / Repais in / Resolut exeunt de \ inde in Melton \ \ terr pdict V12 Dno / xxxiv s ix d Suff / / Lutterel xxxjs \ \ \ Dno Trase ijs vd / / / & Gardian Ecclie \ £ s d \ \ ibm iiij in toto p annu / vi v iij

Et Rem Clase p annu

P150 notes on the Estates mainly from "Scalae ad" Cameram Barsarii adaptatae", "A new pair of steps to the Bursar's room" compiled by J H Hall 1808.

Moulton formerly 3 distinct estates:

(1) Bought by the College in the reign of Henry VI of one Adeham, knonw as "Adams" or "Adams and Reeves", part of it having been bought of Reeves by Adams shortly before the sale of the College.

(2) Bought by Dr Harvey in 5th year of Elizabeth, (1563), known first as "Leaks" and as "Fletchers" after 1598.

(3) Bought by Dr Harvey in 17th year of Elizabeth (1575), known as "Rumbelows".

P142 ff (following) Reditlis Collegii in Fest Annum 1715

Lady Day 1715 Money Wheat Malt Esculents Rents not Sum Total " " " in provision " " " " " Moulton £13.1s.4d 2Qrs 3Qrs 4Bls £9.19s.2d Reeves " £1.17s.4d £4.0s.6d " " " " " Moulton £0.4s5d 1Bl,1Peck 2Bls £0.14s.7d Fletcher £0.4s.5d £0.5s.9d

Esculents at Michelmas 1715 Moulton Reeves Rabbits £0.4s.0d

Reditus Collegii in Fest St Michaelis 1715

Reditus Money Wheat Malt Esculents Sum total " " " " " " " " " " Moulton " 2Qrs 3Qrs4Bls Rabbits " Reeves £3.1s.5d £3.12s.0d £3.11s.0d £0.4s.0d £11.8s.4d " " " " " " " " Moulton " 1Bl 1Pk 2Bls " Fletcher £0.4s.5d £0.5s.7.5d £0.6s.6d £0.16s.6.5d

P147 Memorandums concerning the College Estate.

De Mro Catcher p terris in Moulton 2D 162 2 postea.

Moulton Estate lett by Mr Shepherd for £72.0s.0d. per annum.

The earliest entry about the Trinity Hall lands in the Court Rolls of Stonehall, from 1529 is in 1535, 27 years of reign of Henry VIII.


To this Court (Sir John Luttrell) comes the revernet father in God, Stephen Gardiner by the grace of God Wynton Bishop, Master and Steward of the College or Hall of Holy Trinity of Norwich, in Cambridge by John Taylor, John Johnson and Richard Yonge, priest fellow or scholar of the same College and seek from the Lord persmission of leasing to Jacob West and to certain others he may please, 33 acres of land and some arable and three acres of meadow customary with pasture, either or less etc, held from the Lord tht from the same Manor given for use by copy of the Round Court, on Monday the feast of Saints Tibars and Valerian in the 9th year of King Henry, at the rate of 28s per year and .........and also 2.........of included pasture......2 acres and 1 rod of meadow held from the Lord through the copy of this same Court.........3s per year.........held by the Prefect Jacob and others that it is provided for 20 years beginning at the feast of the Holy Archangel Michael in the future and is agreed by them through the Court. And he gives to the Lord from the end having proved licence that it may lie at the head..................

Translated from the Latin by Dr John Dean, JRG March 1995

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