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More Strange Tales

The Eviction of a Farm Worker

I have included this story, to illustrate the attitudes and conditions at the time. These events took place in the early 1930's

The worker in question, worked for French Hall farm as a gardener and groom, he lived with his wife and family of four children, in a cottage owned by the farm. His employer, noticed that there was a general shortage of eggs on the farm. Suspicions were confirmed that someone was taking the eggs, when the shortage continued. Eggs were then marked and placed back in the egg boxes. Some time later they were gone. Confronting the worker, he admitted taking the eggs. His employer terminated his employment on the spot. The next day the bailiffs arrived at his cottage and having asked the family to leave, took all the family belongings and placed them on the village green. Many good people took the family in, until a home could be found. It is thought that they moved to Woodditton.

The Drunken Labourer

There is a story that a drunken Labourer, when passing the pond opposite French Hall, threw his tools into it and swore never again to work for his employer. The tools, on the bottom of the pond, remain there to this day, buried deep in the mud, according to the story.

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