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2000, Moulton Celebrates The Millennium 

Oak Tree

Oak tree, planted on the village green, with surrounding seat and tree guard. The seat was paid for by an unnamed benefactor, It was designed by John Stovold and constructed at the forge (C.L. Engineering), in Moulton.

Dinner and Dance

Moulton_Recorder_John_Gunson_wife_and_daughter_Jane_.jpg (93231 bytes)A committee was formed early in 1999 to see what kind of celebration could be held at the dawn of the millennium. It was decided that a dinner and dance would be an occasion which all villagers could take part. The village was canvassed to gauge the response, which was favourable to the general idea.

 More_than_enough_of_everything_.jpg (66154 bytes)The Village Hall was found to be to small for the event, local farmer David Saltmarsh was approached and agreed that the event could be held in a modern barn belonging to his farm, which was situated on the edge of the village. The price of tickets was 45, which included a buffet dinner, disco, fireworks and champagne. Music was to be provided by 'Mr G ' disco. Everyone would provide their own drinks, this would eliminate the need for drinks licence to be applied for.

Marvellous_food...JPG (60553 bytes)A great deal of hard work was carried out by the committee members and others in transforming the barn interior, arranging toilets, a catering area, dance floor, tables and chairs, electric's, heating if it was cold, table settings, food, etc. etc.


It was fortunate that the team included people with knowledge of electric's, catering, building and plumbing.

People_dancing_.jpg (76811 bytes) The_organising_committee._JPG.JPG (78026 bytes)

Carrot_wash_transformation._Magnificent_decor..__jpg.JPG (95884 bytes)On the evening itself, entering the building was such a surprise, such was the transformation, it was hard to believe an ordinary agricultural barn could be so transformed. I must confess bewilderment on entering, To match the occasion most people were formally dressed. It was an extraordinary evening, the new Millennium was seen in with fireworks, dancing continued into the morning, 140 people enjoyed the evening. Moulton did celebrate in style.

Year_99_out_Year_2000_in_.jpg (18849 bytes)The Committee members were Chas Longhurst. Bill Pickering, Diana Brown Mick Brown, Justine Webb Dorothy Bowers, Willie Nash Richard Marshall, Brian Gray Jeff Bailes, Tony Jones Peter Saunders



A Forest Heath District Council (Suffolk) Project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the Millennium Festival 2000 Designed by ArtAtac