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War Memorial  > Simply click to enlarge... then use the [Back] button to returnThe War Memorial

The War Memorial stands outside the North door of the Church. It was unveiled in 1920 by Lieut. R.T. Robins M.C. (the Robins family farmed at French Hall Farm). It was intended just to commemorate the First World War. Names of the fallen are inscribed on the stone. The names of those who fell in the Second World War and Korea were added latter. The cost of the memorial was just over £100, the money was raised by donations. The war memorial chapel inside the church was dedicated in 1925.

Those remembered on the memorials are:

The 1914-18 War 
James Bassett. 
Walter Bragg. 
George Clarke. 
Walter Clarke.
Thomas Fitch. 
Lancelot Langley.
William Middleditch.
Harry Plummer.
Ernest Plummer.
George Plummer.
Walter Payne.
Alfred Peacock.
William Plumb.
Percy Pooley.
Fred Prigg.
Guy Robins. 
Arthur Rowe.
George Russell.
The 1939-45 War 
Everard Collington. 
Anthony Darling. 
Alexander Heatherwick. 
Dudley Barnato Joel. 
Michael Lane. 
Newton Lister.
John Russell.
The Korean War
John Lane 


Lettuce Mannings and Margaret Lots’ Gravestone.

The most interesting quaint inscription on a tombstone in the churchyard near the chancel door is as follows:

'In memory of Lettuce Manning, who died 11th July 1757, aged 49 years. Oh! cruel death, to please thy palate, Cut down Lettuce to make a sallet'.

Eleven years later the name of Lettuce Mannings’ sister Margaret Lot was added on the same stone with less striking words:

‘Fairwell fain world, I have seen enough of ye and now am careless what thou say’st of me Thy smiles I could not, nor the frowns I fear My life is past, my head lies quiet here.’

1. old graveyard gravestone plan 2. the war memorial 3. our most interesting gravestone (lettuce Manning)

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