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Captain Marcos D. Lemos, of Warren Hill House

Travelling along the road from Moulton to Newmarket have you ever wondered who could possibly live in that huge Georgian residence, named Warren Hill House, which stands behind those wrought iron gates and at the end of that beautiful tree lined drive. This is a brief article on Captain Marcos Lemos, of Lemos and Pateras, Shipping Company, London, owner of Warren Hill House, Warren Hill Stud, and as you may have heard more recently, Ashley Heath Stud. Incidentally, did you know that these two Studs were originally one ? I remember the first time I drove down that almost forbidding drive, it seemed about ten miles long, and my knees were shaking so much the effect was as if I had kangaroo petrol in my car, and I can't remember how many times I said to myself "Stop being so stupid". But the Captain's greeting (dressed in a casual denim suit, which however casual, looked as if it came from Saville Row!) made me feel immediately at ease. So it was almost nonchalantly that I turned down between the gates and arrived at his front door this time, and I was very relieved when I found the welcome just as cordial as before. 

When I asked Captain Marcos thre inevitable question: "Where were you born?" the reply was "I tell people that I was born on Chios, which is an island on the east side of the Med., near Turkey, but actually I was born on a much smaller island close to Chios. If someone who does not live in this area asked you where you live, you would probably answer Newmarket, not Moulton, as most people have heard of Newmarket. This is why I answer Chios, as not many people have heard of the Island where I was born". The people who live there are all related in some way or other, as they inter-marry. 

There is no class distinction on this little island, millionaires mix with dustmen, their way of life sounds very carefree and happy and it is to here that the Captain returns every year for his summer holiday. Greece was occupied by Germany in 1941 and it was during this occupation, in 1943 that the Captain escaped with a friend in a small fishing boat to Turkey. He then joined the Greek Air Force during the war in Egypt, returning to Greece in 1944 when the German forces were driven out. At the age of 19 Marcos Lemos was demobed.; he then came to England to learn the language, staying at Guildford for a year with an elderly lady for whom he has a great affection. The lady, Mrs Hunt, is now 100 years old, and still sends him socks which she knits for him at Christmas. It was then that the joined the Merchant Navy as an apprentice, to eventually become a Captain. He spent two weeks in Communist China after being ship-wrecked in fog and in his own words it was "a rough situation". In 1952, the Captain came back to England, where he has lived since.

During the week, he works in his office in London, but weekends will find him with his wife, and one or two of his three children (two girls aged 15 and 16 and a boy aged 18) at Warren Hill House. The beautiful house has all the luxuries one would expect, but the Captain seems to get just as much pleasure walking through the grounds. I think this man would be just as happy with 100p as 1 million. His philosophy on life seems amazingly simple and uncomplicated and he appreciates the little things, which are a gift to us all Many people have said that there is no such thing as a happy millionaire, and I answer this myth with total conviction "Oh yes there is!"

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