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The Census of 1891

The census of 1891 showed that the parish of Moulton contained a population of 509, residing in the 112 dwellings in the parish. Of these over the age of 16, 171 were male and 161 female. The number of persons under 16 was 177, which reflects the larger families of the time. The most common form of employment was working on the land, there are several unusual occupations recorded, notably pauper, reporter, guilder/carver and peer.

The original census form itself was divided into 16 sections. As well as recording names, address and age, it records housing, employment and whether the person is ' blind, deaf, dumb, lunatic, imbecile or idiot, I am glad to say, in the parish of Moulton only one person was recorded in the last category and that was for blindness. Also it is surprising that several people came from distant parts of the country.

All males of working age, from as early as 13, are shown with a trade, or have retired. Street names are included in the census; with their aid I have tried to place every family in the correct dwelling. Kennett and Chippenham roads both start from their junction near the new school and it is not clear about the area of Bridge Street/Chippenham road and Moulton paddocks, for these areas I have made an educated guess based on a 1901 map. An up-to-date description of the property is in brackets. This document follows the same route and numbering system as the original.

John Gunson, Moulton Village Recorder, June 1998



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