George Morley
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George Morley (1598-1684)

Elected Canon of Christ Church in the same year he became Rector of Mildenhall (1641) , Morley was educated at Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford. He gained his MA in 1621 and a DD in 1642, the year in which he preached before the House of Commons. In 1648 he was ejected from his living, went abroad and performed service for the English Royalists wherever he stayed. 

Sent to England to win over the Presbyterians to the Restoration cause, he regained his canonry, became dean of Christ Church, Oxford, and in October 1660 bishop of Worcester. In 1661 he preached the sermon at Charles II's Coronation and became Bishop of Winchester in 1662. Morley had Calvinistic leanings, was a benefactor of Winchester diocese, St Paul's Cathedral, and Christ Church and Pembroke College, Oxford. He published controversial works.Dictionary of National Biography: included in Infopedia UK 96, CD Rom published by Softkey


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