Fenland Riots
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Fenland Riots 1669-1684

The following is a transcript of the original documents. For a summary of events go to Fenland Riots.

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Notice to all Justices re Suppression of Riots 1669E18/400/10, SROB 

Anglia: Whereas Information hath bene given to me by Sir Henry North Barronett that severall disorderly Persons have riottously and with force of Armes cast downe severall inclosures in the parish of Mildenhall in the County of Suffolk within the Levell called Bedford Levell, which Inclosures were made by vertue of a late Act of Parliament and the said persons doe further threaten to goe on in the same unlawfull designe Now for the preserveing of the peace of the Kingdome and for the preventinge of such mischeifes as may happen by such disorderly illegall and unwarrantable practices, These are <therefore> in his Majesties name to will and require all Justices of Peace, High Constables, Constables and all other persons being thereunto required by any of his said Majesties Justices of Peace or officers aforesaid to doe their utmost endevour for the apprehendinge and punishinge of such riotous and disorderly persons accordinge to his Majesties Lawes, As they will aunswer the contrary Given under my hand and seale this Eighteenth Day of May in the Seaventeenth yeare of his Majesties Raigne etc.

To all Justices of the Peace High Constables, Constables and to all other Persons to whom these presents doe or may concerne.

[Signed] John Kelynge [seal] 
18 May 1669

A rough draft of letter to the King (Charles II) 1669E18/400/7, SROB

May it Please your most excellent Majestie In Obedience to an Order of your Majestie in Counsell, bearing date the 16th day of June last past We sent for Henry Warner of Mildenhall in the Country of Suffolk Esq & William Coe & James Howlet of the same town Yeomen & Required them to give Sufficient security to your Majestie in the Summe of 200 a peece to be of Good behaviour Which they refuseing to <give do ... ..... ..... but for 100 peece> to do or to give any security absolutely in a greater summe then 100 we thought fitt to Dismiss them being unsatisfyd in our Judgements that a less summe than what we require would be a sufficient security. Not only because their has two very notorious Riotts been comitted in the said town since the Granting of your Majesties Said Order, the product whereof was the pulling down of a new erected house (in the night time) & the assaulting of the Servants of Henry North Esq your Majesties Petitioner date hereof and . night before <the execution of your Majesties said Order> by several persons in visards armed with Swords & Gunns (to the number of 30. Or 40.) to the great Danger of their lives, their being <several> shots made at them in their escape. But allso because of the great influence we find that the carying on of this affair with so high a hand has upon the whole Country even to the exposeing of the peace thereof to a very great deal of danger & hazard Of which we thought our selves bound in duty to Certify your Majestie To Bury St Eds July the 7th 1669

Verso: In witness thereof we the said Commissioners have here unto put our hands and seales

And we the said Commissioners doe humbly certify this our determination and Judgment to our Soverayne Lord the King in his Court of Chancery[?] to be placed in the office of the \ / and there Kept on record according to the Act of Parliament

Transcripts: Sandie Geddes 1995

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