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Girls Sewing  > Simply click to enlarge... then use the [Back] button to returnThe school was built in 1855 by way of a donation from Mr. C E Gibbs a resident of Icklingham in order to educate the children of the village. I am afraid that I cannot go that far back but from my memory of my own children attending the school it was divided into two sections, what is now the kitchen was the room for the 5 to 8 year olds and the now main part of the building was for the 8 to 11 year olds. Some of the children having to walk 2-3 miles there and back everyday in all weathers.

The attendance times were much the same as today 9am-3.30 pm for the 5-8s, 9am -4pm for the 8-11s. At morning break we would have a third pint of milk which was compulsory in these days, and in 1948 dinner was served at The Hallnow Hall Close, this changed by 1953 where the meals were cooked in Bury St. Edmunds and transported to the school itself. During the second world war after finishing at Icklingham school a cycle was provided by the state to enable children to attend Mildenhall school.

In 1986 several people in the village tried to raise the necessary funds in order to ensure the future of the school which was threatened with closure, whilst every effort was made sadly they lost their battle and the school was closed down in 1988. An end to an era which I am sure Mr. Gibbs would be deeply saddened by.

Olive A Sore


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