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Local Provisions in the 1930s

In my early years as a resident of Icklingham there was no such thing as doorstep deliveries of milk. The village being a part of the Elveden estate was a dairy community, the cows were all milked by hand at Church farm. Whereupon the villagers armed with their milk churns (some with several so as to help their neighbours or sick residents) would collect their daily supplies of milk. 

The village also boasted a village general store and baker. The baker would make the bread on his premises and deliver the bread throughout the village by horse and cart. Most meat was delivered from a butchers in Brandon. Newspapers were delivered by a gentleman who daily cycled into Mildenhall Railway station to collect the papers and then cycle back to village and then deliver them. There was also a Gentleman who delivered household commodities such as paraffin oil which fueled the heating and lights for the village.

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