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Freckenham's Weather 1990-1999   

The following is an analysis of the maximum and minimum temperatures (in Fahrenheit) and rainfall (in millimetres) which were recorded, on an almost daily basis, during the ten years from 1990 to 1999.   

Highs & Lows 

Hottest Day: 3 August 1990 with a temperature of 94F/34.5C 
Coldest Night:  3 January 1997 at 13F (19of frost)
Driest Month:  August 1995 - the only rainless month 
Driest Year:  1996 with only 406 mm (16 inches) of rainfall 
Wettest Day:  1 July 1992 with 52mm (2 inches) of rainfall (recorded in 5 hours)
Wettest Month:  June 1997 with 145 mm (5 inches) of rainfall 
Wettest year: 1993 with 714 mm (28 inches) of rainfall

For a month by month record of Rainfall and Freezing Nights go to Tables but please be patient as they take a little time to load.

Robert Creasy, January 2000

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