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The Vicarage

FactsKelly’s, White’s and Harrod’s Directories unless otherwise indicated

1254 A Vicarage is valued at £10 and portioned to monks of Stokes (Stoke by Clare) £1.16s.A Survey of Suffolk Parish History: West Suffolk. SCC, 1990  
1535 The valued had dropped to £5. 5s 10dA Survey of Suffolk Parish History: West Suffolk. SCC, 1990  
1831 1 curate with stipend £40 p.a. Glebe house unfit for occupation.A Survey of Suffolk Parish History: West Suffolk. SCC, 1990.   
1855 Rev Carwardine 
1881 Rev. Thomas Carwardine with a housemaid and servant.Census  
1896-1908 Rev Edward Jones. 
1923 Rev William Chandler arranged for it’s sale on 21st June to Brigadier General A.F. Horne for a sum of £560 with the note that if left much longer without renovations ‘would have become unsaleable’. 
1925 United with Tuddenham 
Circa 1930 Some years later the house was unoccupied and the out buildings were used as an incubating area for poultry eggs reared by Frank Jennings and Harold Taylor.Ruby Jennings  
1946 Shown on the site plan for the 1946 estate auction 
Circa 1947 The main house a thatched building was demolished.Alan Firman  
1960 Vicarage Farm was sold for £89Estate deeds 

Vicarage Farm is mentioned in the 1846 and 1855 directories as owned by the Wing family who also occupied Hall Farm.


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