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The Post Office

From 1846 there is mention of two Cavenham shopkeepers, a butcher and a post master in the record office though it is unclear where their premises were sited. It is worth noting that many individuals had several occupations and that occupations for the same person sometimes differ depending on the source. Kelly’s, White’s and Harrod’s Directories or the census of 1861 unless otherwise indicated.

The following list of names and occupations may help to indicate the occupant of The Post Office.

1846 Stephen Howard - Shopkeeper Philip Warner - Shopkeeper. 
1851 Philip Warner - Shopkeeper. (Lodger -J Hammond; see 1883.)Samuel Osborne - Shopkeeper Gardener Source: Census
1861 Susan Osborne - Shopkeeper.Related to Samuel Osborne  
1864 Philip Warner - Shopkeeper. 
        Head Keeper Source:     
        James Cox - Shopkeeper and dealer     
        Dealer and farmer. 
        Charles Fyson - Butcher 
        Estate Butcher. Census 
1871-1875 James Cox - Shopkeeper 
                Susannah Warner - Shopkeeper 
1881 Caroline Warner - Shopkeeper. 
1883 John Hammond - Post master 
           Caroline Warner - Shopkeeper 
1888 Joseph Ransdale - Tobacconist and grocer. 
1896 Rose Hammond - Sub postmistress (Widow)Joseph Ransdale - Shopkeeper Gardener. Census  
1891-1904 Joseph Ransdale - Sub postmaster and shopkeeper 
1908 Joseph Ransdale - Post &Telegraph Office and shop keeper 
1916 Edward Thorpe - Post & Telegraph Office Sub postmaster and shopkeeper. 
1925-1837 William Ford - Post & Telegraph Office and shopkeeper.

Further memories of the Post Office and its occupants can be found in ‘Recollections of a Store Keeper ‘20 Players and an aspro please’


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