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Recent History

In the early part of the 20th Century, Beck Row was just a small part of the parish of Mildenhall and considered to be within the 'Mildenhall Fen' area. In those days other small hamlets existed in their own right, such as Wilde Street, Kenny Hill and Burnt Fen, each of which had their own shops, families and - in some cases - their own school and church.

So it was to this area that the Air Ministry came, in 1934, in search of a suitable site for an airfield and it was decided to develop the large, flat plain between Mildenhall, West Row and Beck Row. This development was to become what we now know as RAF Mildenhall. It was from this airfield that aircraft flew in the world famous Mildenhall to Melbourne Air Race, thereby putting Mildenhall on the map of aviation. There have been many other notable events with which RAF Mildenhall has been connected; we shall expand on them as our tale unfolds.

Since those early days, through RAF Mildenhall falling into the parish of Beck Row, the village has played host to several members of the British Royal Family, three Presidents of the United States and, through the annual Air Fete, numerous dignitaries from all over the world plus many thousands who enjoy airshows.

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