Breckland Club reopens

By   July 8, 2020

The Breckland Club reopened on July 4th

They’ve introduced a number of rules to keep everyone safe.

🖊 everyone must sign in at the door!
🧼 everyone must then sanitise their hands.
⬆️ there is a one way system in place.
💰 orders and money will be taken at one end of the bar.
🍻 drinks will be put on the opposite end of the bar for you to collect.
❗️we encourage you to maintain social distancing.

❌ no sitting at the bar, stools have been removed.
📺 Perspex screens have been installed across the whole of the bar.
🤚 bring your own hand sanitiser if you have it and wash your hands regularly.
🧽 tables and handles will be cleaned regularly.
👮‍♂️ be respectful to the bar staff. What the bar staff says …. happens!

For those of you on Facebook more details can be found here

Congratulations hope it all goes well.