Phonebox/Library/Defibrillator update

By   June 29, 2017

The Parish Council have been in contact with the Heartbeat Trust and hope to have the defibrillator pack installed early August. Once this has taken place they will arrange a training session in the hall for anyone interested and willing to give a couple of hours of their time. Hopefully this week be in the second week of August.

They haven’t been able to go ahead with the library because they want the two to be hand in hand and it will be easier to wait until the defibrillator equipment has been fitted so they can see how much room is left. A number of books have already been donated so we have an excellent start to the little library.

Access to a defibrillator in a emergency can be a real life saver. Sweden is testing drones to deliver defibrillators and claim it can be upto four times faster than an ambulance reports BBC Click.