Fibre Broadband Delay

By   March 25, 2017

If you’ve been following the “Fibre Journey” progress on the BT/Openreach site you’ll have seen being stuck on “Connect” for some time.

This implies it will be done within the next four months. However it’s been like that for 4/5 months at least.

A more accurate response has been sought from Openreach. :-

In response to your query regarding Fibre availability, we’ve investigated and found that you are connected to cabinet 12 and exchange BRANDON.

We are bringing fibre into your area.  There is a SEP (superfast extension programme) project ongoing for FTTC with an estimated completion date of End of September, 2017 which is subjected to change as per the amount of work left.

There are so many departments involved to give a fibre to a customer, which takes time and all the information that we provide is the combined information from different departments which is reflecting on our network records and tools.

We hope you understand that we have a real commitment to delivering superfast broadband to more and more customers. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Broadband 23-3-2017