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The Manor Of Worlington Scales, otherwise Tindall's 

This portion of Agnes de Rivill's estate passed to her daughter Agnes who married Roger de Scales. It then passed through the male line, through a confusing series of Roberts and Rogers, to one Robert de Scales who was created Baron Scales in 1292. The manor passed in turn from this 1st Baron down through the generations to the 7th Baron, Thomas de Scales, who was killed when trying to escape from the Tower of London in 1460. It then passed to his daughter Elizabeth whose second husband, Anthony Widville, was summoned to Parliament in her right as Lord Scales but who afterwards became Earl Rivers. Elizabeth died in 1473 and her husband was beheaded in 1483 for his involvement with the young King Edward V. There seemed to be no legitimate heirs and the manor reverted to the crown, being granted by Richard III in 1483, along with many other estates, to the Duke of Norfolk.

With the accession of King Henry VII in 1485, more thorough enquiry was made and it was found that there were two 1egitimate heirs of Lady Elizabeth Scales - Elizabeth, the wife of the Earl of Oxford, and Sir William Tyndal. The family estates were divided between them, the Worlington portion being granted to Sir William Tyndal. He died in 1497 and in 1564 his grandson, Sir Thomas Tyndal, sold the Worlington manor to Henry Payne of Nowton. Henry Payne died in 1568 and the manor probably descended to his nephew William Payne.

Copinger does not give any further details but deeds in the Suffolk Record Office show that in 1686 the manor was purchased by Samuel Clarke of Snailwell, acting as a trustee for his daughter Elizabeth and her husband Thomas Barnardistone. In 1718 the Barnardistone's sold the manor to Bernard Bolen. He seems to have been in financial difficulties in 1744 when the manor was sold to John Swale of Mildenhall in whose family it remained until a later John Swale died in about 1821, leaving it in his will to George Gataker. 

Worlington Church - Simply click to enlarge... then close new window to returnThe Proclamation Of 1977

 The present Lord of the Manor of Scales alias Tindall's, Dr. H. Carroll Parish, takes an active interest in local affairs even though he lives in the U.S.A. In Worlington Church is hung a framed illuminated proclamation, beautifully written on calfskin vellum, bearing the arms of the Scales and Tindall families as well as Dr. Parish's personal arms:

"A Proclamation by the Lord of the Manor of Scales alias Tindalls in Worlington in the County of Suffolk. TO ALL & SINGULAR TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS MAY COME - GREETINGS. Praise be to God that in the church of All Saints, Worlington, worship and service have been offered by its Ministers and Parishioners throughout more than a thousand years. Under the Sign of the Cross its members have waged the Christian war against poverty, disease and unbelief. Its vital role in bringing the Gospel to a world in need of guidance, Christian ethics and charitable activities shall be commemorated appropriately. THE LAST WEEK IN MAY of each year is hereby duly proclaimed as "All Saints Church Week" in the areas falling within the jurisdiction of the Manor of Scales alias Tindalls.

Given at Worlington in the County of Suffolk the eleventh day of September in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven."

H. Carroll Parish Jr. 
The Chevalier Hayward Carroll Parish Jr. Knight of the Order of the Rose of Lippe, Knight of the Military & Hospitaller Order Of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, Doctor of Philosophy.


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