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Domesday Book- The Population Of Santon Downham.

It is important to note that the Domesday figures refer to heads of households rather than to individuals; so that the total population of Santon Downham would have been at least four times larger than the 20 individuals recorded.(approximately 80 people including women and children) A freeman held his land by money rent and owed no labour service to his lord. Smallholders or 'borders were cottagers possibly freed slaves who held a few acres of land. They had to work as labourers for a more substantial tenant. Serfs or slaves would have done most of the manual work in Santon Downham. They did not normally have land of their own and had to be fed and housed at the lord's expense.

Population of Santon Downham from Domesday to the present day.

1086 20 recorded 
1327 11 tax payers paid 1. 17s. 9p. 
1524 20 tax payers paid 1. 19s. 2p. 
1603 70 adults 
1674 13 households 
1676 44 adults 
1801 57 inhabitants 
1831 66 inhabitants 
1851 70 inhabitants 
1871 84 inhabitants 
1901 93 inhabitants 
1931 353 inhabitants 
1951 348 inhabitants 
1971 282 inhabitants 
1981 237inhabitants 
1991 249 inhabitants
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