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Finds at the Site of New Path at Santon

When the new path was being constructed several inches of topsoil were removed to allow for the introduction of a hardcore foundation. A surface inspection of this topsoil resulted in the following finds of pottery sherds:

Grimston Courseware 1 Body 11-13th century AD
Early Medieval Ware 5 Body  
  1 Base 11-13th century AD
Glazed Red Earthenware 3 Rim  
  5 Body  
  1 Base 16-17th century AD
Speckle Glazed Ware 1 Body 17th century AD
Staffs. Type Slipware 1 Rim  
  1 Body (press moulded) 18th + century AD
Staffs. White Stoneware 1 Base (teacup) 18th century AD
English Porcelain 1 Body, decorated  
  1 Base 18-19th century AD
Staffs Type English Stoneware   clear glaze external 18-19th century AD
Clay pipe 2 Stems  
  1 Bowl 18th century AD
Roulette decorated stoneware rim.  Probably Staffs Type     18-19th century AD
Sheep's tooth      
Unidentified bone      
Peg tile pieces      
White floor brick     18-19th century AD
Pieces of organic tempered early brick     15th century AD

(Thanks to Colin Pendleton and Sue Anderson, Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service)

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