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Finds from site in Santon Downham

The following items were all found within a garden of approximately one third of an acre over a period of 10 years. All finds were in the top 9 inches of soil.

Grog-tempered 3 Body Early Bronze Age
Roman Greyware 3 Body Roman
Ipswich Ware 2 Body Middle Saxon
Thetford Ware 5 Rims  
  97 Body  
  2 Base Late Saxon to
      Early Medieval
St. Neots Ware 2 Rims  
  1 Base 10-11th century AD
Stamford Ware      
Yellow Glaze 2 Body  
  1 Crucible fragment 10-11th century AD
Early Medieval Ware 6 Body  
  3 Jar rim  
  3 Ginger jar rim 11-12th century AD
Early Medieval Gritty 3 Body 11-12th century AD
Grimston Coarseware 3 Rim (Thetford Type)  
  54 Body  
  2 Base 11-13th century AD
Shelly Medieval      
Coarseware 1 Body 12-13th century AD
Medieval Coarseware 2 Body  
  1 Jug rim  
  3 Jar/bowl rim 13-14th century AD
Grimston-type Glazed 2 Handle  
  20 Body  
  1 Base 13-14th century AD
      (Some possibly later)
Late Medieval and      
Transitional 7 Rim  
  34 Body  
  1 Base 15-16th century AD
Late Medieval Imports ? 1 Body (hard white/pink fabric)  
  1 Rim )hollowed, some glaze spots)  
15-16th century AD      
Glazed Red Earthenware 5 Rim  
  27 Body  
  1 nearly complete dish  
197mm diameter     16-17th century AD
Iron-glazed Blackware 1 Body 17th century AD
Tin-glazed Earthenware 1 Drug jar rim 17-18th century AD
Yellow Glazed Red      
Earthenware (possibly Dutch) 3 Fragments 16-17th century AD
Post-Medieval Whiteware 1 Body 18th century AD
Post-Medieval Slipware 2 Body 18th century AD
Raeren Stoneware 2 Rim  
  1 Body 15-16th century AD
Cologne Stoneware 2 Rim 16-17th century AD
English Stoneware 2 Body 18-19th century AD
Pearlware 2 Base  
  1 Fragment, hand decorated blue  
18th century AD      
Post-Medieval Unglazed      
Redware 15 fragments 18-20th century  AD
(Thanks to Colin Pendleton and Sue Anderson, Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service) Catherine and Roger Ward 2000

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