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Little Domesday Book-Translation Into English.

From page 1 heading

Lands of St. Edmund's. St. Edmund's held Downham as a manor; 3 carucates of land..Now"NOW"- means 1086 when the survey was made. Fredo [his manor in Santon Downham] holds (it). Always one smallholder. Then" THEN" -refers to the day of King Edward the confessor's death in 1066. 5 slaves, now 3. Always 3 ploughsa plough team consisting of 8 oxen and a wooden plough. These three plough teams would have been 24 oxen; and The one listed would have been an extra one in lordship. Meadows, 5 acres; 1 fishery. 1 ox, 21 pigs; 900 sheep. 9 free men with 2 carucates of land and 60 acres. 3 smallholders. Then 8 ploughs, now 4 between them all. Meadows, 4 acres. These (free men) could grant and sell but the full jurisdiction, patronage and every customary due still belonged to St. (Edmund's). Value then 35 s; now the same. A church with 20 acres of land. Value of this manor, except for the free (men), then 8; now () 11. It has one league in length and 8 furlongsa furlong is1/8 of a mile.  (furrow long) in width;20d in tax. Others hold there.Representation of oxen team in Domesday times by local artist Veronica Moran

From Part 2- heading 

"Suffolk lands of St. Etheldreda. In Santon (Downham) a half freeman of Etheldreda's with jurisdiction; carucate of landA Carucate of land was about 120 acres. 3 smallholders' Meadow 1 acre Always plough. Value 5 s.

Ronnie Moran 2000

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