ad 1100 

1641 George Morley becomes Rector Mildenhall_Almshouses_plaque > Simply click to enlarge... then close new window to return1722 Sir Thomas Hanmer builds almshouses  1820 Sir Henry Edward Bunbury  succeeded as seventh baronet of Mildenhall

ad 1850 

ad 1500 

ad 1970 

1648 George Morley ejected as Rector 1851 Literary Institute founded in MildenhallSimpson's Almanack and Directory , 1940

ad 1200 

1556 Thomas ParkerThis Roman Catholic divine had gained his MA in 1541and become a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge in 1546; he gained his BD in 1548. After Queen Elizabeth's accession in 1558 he went abroad where he contined his studies and became a DD. , (fl.1536-1581) becomes vicar of Mildenhall.Dictionary of National Biography: included in Infopedia UK 96, CD Rom published by Softkey 1829 Wesleyan Chapel built in the High Streeton the site of the old Slough Pond. The diversion of the water led to regular flooding, often a foot (30cm)deep, from Police Station Square to the corner of the High Street.

ad 1940 

c.500,000 BC High Lodge, evidence of flint knapping

Bronze Age 


ad 1600 

1861 Volunteer Corps foundedSimpson's Almanack and Directory , 1940

ad 1980 

c1830 Lantern spire removed from church tower

ad 1300 

Francis Bugg 1640-1714?A wool-comber, one time Quaker and writer of virulent anti-Quaker pamphlets Francis Bugg portrait > Simply click to enlarge... then close new window to return 1868 Mildenhall Cottage Hospital foundedSimpson's Almanack and Directory , 1940

ad 1950 

ad 1000 

ad 1700 

1838 Mildenhall Gas Company establishedby Mr G. Madam

ad 1990 

1868 S.R. Simpson takes over print works

ad 1400 

1840 Mildenhall Gas Works open

ad 1960 

ad 1800 

1873 First Horticultural Society exhibitionFirst exhibition of the Mildenhall Horticultural Society  Simpson's Almanack and Directory , 1940
1851 Roof of church chancel replaced. East window restoredFlat roof of church chancel replaced with one of the original height and pitch.  East window restored 1875 Banquet to inaugurate the "Ely and Bury Light Railway Company"at the Bell Hotel Town decorated.  The railway was  never built.[Simpson's Almanack and Directory , 1940]
1851 Police station and court house built