ad 1100 

1304 Social structure recordedSocial structureDuke of Norfolk (absentee landlord of kentford and Kennett)Bailiff - William Latimer - lived in manor house - 14 full time labourers12 free tenants paying rent only e.g.Prior of Ely holding 12 acres behind & beside the church,Beatrice of Cavenham on site of the Cock16 ‘cotars’ with house and 1 / 2 acres 20 ‘villeins’ with house and 15 acres MNR 6/80 1503 Henry Wymbsh diedDetails of his will. Wife Rose was left house called Tebold’s (Theobald’s)Rose died 1508.  Her father was Thomas Fryer Will - Bury record office MNR 6/81 1715 The Brief for Kentforddetails of church expenses and requests for funds for rebuilding following fire - £1057 needed MNR 9/81 1801 15 houses - 120 inhabitants 1841 Census5 farmers, 36 houses, 228 inhabitantsTurnpike House - Tollgate HouseToll-collector William WoadingRichard Avey - the Cock MNR 9/83

1844 152 souls, 800 acres of fertile land. Main owners Mr J Wellsman, Mr Samuel Clark Jonas. Lord of the Manor: W F G Farmer, esq. Whites 1844 Suffolk 

1850 Regal Lodge was built 

1851 40 houses - 172 inhabitants. Free sittings in church: 100, other: 50. Morning scholars: 20 + 20 Afternoon scholars: 55 + 20 William Burch, curate (Census of Religious Worship) 

1854 Railway opened (Kennett Station) 

1871 43 houses - 172 inhabitants

1872 Mildenhall Sanitary District 

1875 Mr H. T. Barclay sent the Rev. F. Tearle a liberal sum which was spent on pairs of blankets for 40 cottagers 

1876 Grand National winner Regal was owned by Capt. James Octavus Machell, trained by Joe Cannon MNR 3/79

1877 Two acres of land affected by compulsory purchase when Great Eastern Railway widened the railway lines, £200 'consideration money' was paid to James Machell and Mary Jonas 

1883 Bendigo, owned by Mr H T Barclay and trained in Kentford by Mr J. French, won the Cambridgeshire. 1884 Deanery: Thurlow 

1885 Suffolk North Western Division (1 member) 

1891 Carriers passing through to Bury St Edmunds on Wednesdays. Population 232 


1892 School built 

1894 Mildenhall Rural District Council 

1895 The first parish meeting was held at the Schoolroom on 25th March 1895 

1896 Lord of Manor - Rev William Godfrey, Rector of Kennett (died 1900). Landowners - trustees of late Capt. Sidney Stanley of Longstowe Hall, Cambridge and Captain Machell of Bedford House, Newmarket. Sexton - Charles Myson. Post - George Norman. Mrs Langtry, Regal Lodge, Henry Lord, Kentford Lodge, Harry Filby, The Cock, William Norman, Fox & Ball and assistant overseer, Samuel Pickering, Kentford House. Occupations: Shopkeeper, slaughterer, basket & sieve maker, accountant/overseer, shoe maker, shop keeper/coal merchant, farm bailiff

1901 44 houses - 225 inhabitants

1909 Capt G H Pering owns

ad 1900

1912 800 acres Sub-postmaster, schoolmistress, 2 publicans, horse slaughterer, boot dealer, 2 shopkeepers, horse trainer, head gardener, music teacher, 2 farm bailiffs, builder. 26 school pupils 

1916 Deanery: Newmarket 

1918-1948 Bury St Edmunds (1 member)

1930s Kentford Town Lands soldto Mr Carter with interest to Christmas Parish Charities MNR 12/80

1931 249 inhabitants

1934 Inaugural meeting of Kentford & Kennett WI, held in Billiard Room of Kentford Lodge in July 1934. Mrs F Lord elected president. 

1934/5 -1974 Mildenhall RDC

1935 Silver Jubilee celebrations of HM King George V. A tea was given to all children up to age 15 and each was presented with a Jubilee Mug. Sports were arranged for the afternoon. 

1937 Introduction of a 30mph speed limit through the village and improvement of the raised footpath in front of the church 


1938 East Anglian Electric Supply Company submitted plans for an electricity supply. The Parish Council declined the offer of a refuse collection in the village - it was not thought necessary 

1938 Village Hall & Playing Fields scheme instigated MNR 12/73

ad 1940

1945 Fund= £423Fund = £800 10/1945 11/1950

1947 Eastern Electricity Board was asked to make a supply available to residents on Bury Road 

1948-1983 Bury St Edmundsredistributed (1 member)

1949/50 Electric in churchElectric light & heating installed in church



1951 74 houses - 244 inhabitants
850AD - 1065AD Bronze disk brooch with 3 concentric rings with pellets between inner and second ring (found 1913). Now in Birmingham City Museum. Backward looking beast disk brooch. Probably found behind church in 1996 1226 Tithe distribution disputedJohn, Vicar of Gazeley disputed the tithe distribution but confirmed by long usage BRO 1442 Property left to the GuildsJohn Hayngham left property to the Fraternity of the Guild of St John the Baptist and to the Brethren of the Guild of Blessed Mary of the Church of Kentford MNR 12/80

ad 1500 

1602 Church Report‘lately decayed in thatch and  …. walls’ MNR 9/81 1717 Barnardiston family owns c 1717 1802 Flint-Knapper rented 13 Acres

ad 1970 

Barrow excavated from this time 1161-75 Monks get Church & ChapelWilliam de Truba, Bishop of Norwich, gave grant of Gazeley Church and Kentford Chapel to monks of Stoke by Clare.  Monks got tithes of corn, animals, wool.  Vicar got all else plus Chapel of Kentford 1306 Richard Bygod diedMNR 3/80; Inquisition post mortem for Kennett in Suffolk (Kentford)17 acres of arable land worth 1/2d per acre Inquisition x 2Account Roll 1735 3 Church bellsby Freeman of Norwich 1951 Purchase of village schoolfrom Diocesan authorities (£600 grant aid from Min of Ed.) June 1951

ad 1200 

1524 23 taxpayers(£2 4s 2d) Suffolk in 1524 BRO p297 1746 Reference to landwhere Guildhall formerly stoodGuile Hall Close (or Pightle) leased to Christopher Taylor for 7/6 per year MNR 12/80 1803 Survey of Kennett & Kentford

Bronze Age 

1443 John Wymbysh, senior, diedJohn Wymbysh, senior, died.  Lived at Stag's Head, Kentford.  Also had 3 other houses, 1 with a dovecote, another called Grant's, last called Mounplere's (name of previous owner).  Also 5 acres of land MNR 3/81

ad 1600 

1755/56 James Jerrald - OverseerJames Kimmance - Constable, tanner - Kentford Tan office (Kimmance’s Garden) just over bridgePoorhouse reference in accounts (Late Leachs house) Accounts of Overseer of the Poor MNR 9/80 1803 R Risbrook held 7 strips of land in North Field, East Field, South Field plus copyhold messuage or tenement  with 1 ½ acres adjoining in Kennett EndNext to Priory Yard on east (prev. owned by Dean & Chapter of Ely)Also known as Larners with the Bell MNR 12/79 Kennett Manorial Court Book 1971 203 inhabitants

ad 1980 

1320 Church of St Mary the Virgin builtPorch added about 1420 1538 Sir Richard Stede (Stydd) diedHe was parish priest Will, BRO 1759 John Williams owns
Socketed axe, decorated with five flutings each side, now in Ipswich Museum. Probably found on Kentford Heath

ad 1300 

1457 John White’s willJohn White's will left 10s for building of new hall of the Guilds of Blessed Mary & of St John the Baptist of Church of Kentford MNR 12/80

1645 Civil WarEast Anglia for Puritans. MNR 3/77

1770 Turnpike Road 1827 Enclosure Award(798 acres - 99%)Guildhall Pightle to John Wellsman (he also had Bull Farm) MNR 12/80

ad 1950 

1972 Deanery: Mildenhall

ad 1000 

1542 Richard Haddenham died‘To the reparation of the causey from Kentford Bridge to my door 6s 8d’ 8/1/1542 Will BRO

ad 1700 

1981 66 houses - 169 inhabitants

ad 1990 

Four tranchet axesnow in Cambridge Museum Icknield Way routethrough village probable extension by Romans towards Bury St Edmunds

1278 Roger Bigot, Earl of Norfolk, died

June 1647 HQ of Parliamentary Armyat Kentford Heath. Discontent among troops.  Marched to Kentford Heath from Saffron Walden.  King Charles at Newmarket, visited by Cromwell, Fairfax, Ireton who also went to troops at Kentford June 1647

1828 David Elisha Davy stayed at the CockDavid Elisha Davy - Tours of Suffolk‘Stayed at the Cock - very miserable, wretched state of repair but good service.  Church had very little of interest’ MNR 12/82 Collections for the History of Suffolk by Hundreds and Parishes - microfiche at record office 1957 The County Surveyor was asked to deal with the floodingoccurring at the Herringswell Road junction after rainfall.  This had been going on for some years with no effective action.  The next year it was reported that the County Surveyor had only undertaken to make observations.  Even 3 years later there had been no action

1959 Kentford & District Royal British Legion (Women's Section) established

1974 Forest Heath District Council
Course grey ware accessory cup, undecorated.  Just under 3½ “ tall with a rim diameter of about 5” 11c Kentford first recordedCHENETEFORDE / CHENETEFORT / KENTEFORD / KENNETTEFORDCynete = ford.  Ford over River Kennett

ad 1400 

1560 Sir William Petrie owns

1655-1687 James Barkertenant of Kentford Tan Office MNR 12/82

1777 Oliver GodfreyLord of Manor of Kennett-Cum-Kentford MNR 20

ad 1960 

1983 Cock landlord retiredHarry & Marjorie Filby retired from the Cock (3rd generation to run it.  Isaac Filby was landlord in 1872) 12/83

1299 Landlord was Richard BygodDuke of Norfolk, Earl Marshall of England came to Kentford with Duchess and retinue -  MNR 3/80

1664 Hearth Tax Returns14 tax payers Suffolk in 1664 BRO p181

ad 1800 

1975 A45 bypass opened (now A14
1327 Subsidy Rolls (with Gazeley & Nedham) 25 returns Suffolk in 1327  BRO p210

1471 William Lardyner diedlived at Larners (the Bell) left 3s 4d to Kentford's Church Guild of St John and the same to Kennett's Church Guild of St John MNR 12/79

1667 ‘Kinford Feb 6thWe gave order to take down a cross and other pictures’For demolishing the superstitious pictures and ornaments of churches etc within the County of Suffolk 1643 - 1644 Nkt Library  The Journal of William Dowsing

1783 Highwayman hanged, he was caught at the CockJames Steggles, Highwayman hanged for robbery of Mr Macro of Barrow Hall on 6/1/1783 Bury Post 26/3/1783 MNR 1976 First Parish Council elected  1984 Av & Close transferredMoulton Av & Edgeborough Close transferred to Kentford from Moulton 1/4/1984
1090 Charter by EverardBishop of Norwich, granting the prebend of William, son of Abold, to the monks of Bec in Normandy and Stoke by Clare of the chapelry at Kentford

1563 Site of Cock PHpreviously known as Cavenham’s (occupied by Beatrice of Cavenham in 13th CGuildhall Field between road and churchyard.  Trustees (feoffees)from both Kennett & Kentford.  ? Guildhall centre of social life Survey of Kennett & Kentford

1670 Survey of Kennett & Kentford

1831 173 inhabitants: 31 in agriculture, 3 in retail, 1 in labouring, 8 in domestic service, 4 others 

1832 Suffolk Western Division (2 members) 


1969 Kentford Mothers Union reformed 1984 t Mary’s Church transferred to the Benefice of Gazeley with Moulton & Dalham
1389 Guild of St John Baptist mentioned

1473 Henry Wymbysh (son of John) diedProperty left to his wife Joan included meadows & pastures rented from Abbess of Warham whose daughter community was at Kentford MNR 3/81

1674 12 houses22 households??

1977 Silver Jubilee celebrations heldat Meddler Stud on 7th June

1478 Sir William Berkelely owns Kentford(died 1492) Viscount in 1481, Earl of Nottingham 1483

1563 Tan Office66’ x 16.5’ with 1 small shed (?plot 1 on enclosure map) MNR 9/82 

1978 New Village Notice Board provided£28.37 from Jubilee Fund used to provide Village Notice Board by Mr S Fisher and erected by bus shelter at Cock MNR 9/78 1999 New bridge openedby County Cllr Jane Andrews-Smith