ad 1100 

1209 Ralph de Rochester obtains Barton Bendish 1260 Royston Priory disposes of land in Eriswell 1300 Murder of John le Halk  1312 The rector inherits Eriswell 1329 John Chamberlain acquires land in Eriswell

ad 1900 

1249 Peter de Rochester inherits EriswellPeter endows Royston Priory  ( 1249 ? )

ad 1300 

1320 Land in Eriswell St. Peter

ad 1970 

1115 Confirmation to Eudes widow 1216 Colchester Abbey leases its two acres 1263 Robert,Eve deTuddenham occupy ManorThe successors of Peter DE rochester in Eriswell. Eve de Rochester was the female heir to Eriswell , thus continuing the family line ( although now as de Tuddenham ) which began in  1190 1313 Robert de Scales claims Eriswell Manor 1330 John Chamberlain sells land to John Boveton

ad 1200 

1250 Eriswells lord acquires rights in Wareland 1300 The Archdeacon's jurisdiction in Eriswell 1315 Petition of John Matheu of Eriswell 1324 Richard Austyn acquires landwith reversion to William Chamberlain

ad 1940 

Bronze Age 

  1125 Grant to Colchester Abbey 1250 Alexander Boveton acqires land 1269 Robert,Hawise de Weston release ManorFurther research needed here . Hawise de Weston thought ,indeed expected , to be another female of the de Rochester line i.e. the sister of Eve de Tuddenham 1301 Eustace le Halk disposes of land in Eriswell

ad 1312 

1331 William acquires rights in Wareland

ad 1980 

1216 The lessee William de Boveton and his son 1309 Value of manor at Robert de Tuddeham's death 1324 Robert de Eriswell and Adam le Strange acquire land
1125 Confirmation to Stephen and Matilda 1217 20s redemption rent by Ralph de Rochester

ad 1250 

1271 Inheritance of Freeland in EriswellObligation of patron of Eriswell church 1315 Order for John's petition to be heard  1333 John Chamberlain acquires more landin Eriswell

ad 1950 

ad 1000 

1190 Feudal holding of Ralph de Rochester 1274 Feudal holding of Robert 1309 Eve de Tuddenham remains occupation

ad 1320 

ad 1990 

1226 Rector commutes tithes for annuity 1286 Eyre of Solomon de Rochester & associates 1316 Robert de Scales claims land in Barton Bendish 1333 Simon Goscelyn acquires land in Eriswell
1190 Two claims to freeland in Eriswell 1254 Value of Ecclesiastical Property in Eriswell

ad 1260 

1311 The Prior of Ely claims a villein One of the class of serfs in the feudal system; spec. a peasant occupier or cultivator entirely subject to a lord (villein in gross gross n.2 2 e) or attached to a manor (villein regardant regardant a. 1); a tenant in villeinage; also applied to a person regarded as holding a similar position in other communities, a bondsman. †Hence formerly in general use, a peasant, country labourer, or low-born rustic. in Eriswell 1325 William Chamberlain acquires land in Brandon 1334 Complaint by Robert deTuddenham

ad 1960 

1086 Land of Eudos Dapifer 1226 Confirmation of compositionby Bishop of Norwich 1317 William Chamberlain acquires land in Eriswell

ad 1329 

1190 Grant to Colchester Abbeyby Ralph de Rochester, confirmed by Bishop of Norwich 1254 Disseisin of Freeland in EriswellWas this dissension ? 1287 Right to view of Frankpledge in Eriswell 1311 The Prior of Ely fines for Mortmain 1327 John de Eriswell and William Chamberlain
1236 William endows Royston Priory 1291 Obligation of Rector of Eriswell 1318 John of Eriswell's land in Mildenhall versus the Abbot of Bury ! 1334 Value of manor at Robert De Tuddenham's 
1197 Ralph agrees to pay rent on mill 1255 Death of Peter de Rochester 1291 Boundary dispute with Mildenhall 1312 John Boveton acquires land in Eriswell death
1249 Value of manor at Williams death 1292 Saint Edmund's jurisdiction in Eriswell 1320 William Boveton acquires land 1327 Eriswell men punished for rioting in Bury !
1256 Boundary dispute with Lakenheath 1298 William Bastard acquires land in Lakenheath 1312 Value of manor at Eve de Tuddenham's deathHeir of Robert and Eve de Tuddenham was Rector of Eriswell , Robert de Tuddenham 1327 Taxpayers in Eriswell  1340 Value of church