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It was an estate village General Home owned everything even the pub. The only building he didn't own was the church. There was a quality of life in those days, they really used to look after people in those days. I remember when I was a child in about the '20's on Christmas Eve they had a wonderful Christmas Party up at the village hall. Christmas tree that touched the roof, I shall never forget it, you know what its like for a kid.

 They had a tea and all the jellies and cakes and everything else and there was piles of presents and about 8 p.m. Brigadier General Home and Lady Home would all come down from the Hall after they had had dinner. It was magic in those days, you don't get that quality of life nowadays do you.

They didn't have anything to do with the village on the day to day efforts. It was only special occasions. They owned everything and practically everybody worked for them. That's when farming employed a lot of people. It was a very close knit community. I can't think of anybody who wasn't employed by the estate in those days, other than ourselves of course!


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